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Eikazo::Config::ConfigAware Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Eikazo::Config::ConfigAware:

Eikazo::output::SaneScanToFile::JpegFormatOptions Eikazo::output::SaneScanToFile::TiffFormatOptions Eikazo::output::SaneScanToSQLSample::SQLAdapter Eikazo::Widgets::_SaneScale Eikazo::Widgets::NumberField

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Detailed Description

base class; to be used for gtSaneWidget classes etc.
    Implements communication with a SaneConfig instance
    Many methods must be overloaded, because this class
    cannot know for example the data type required for a
    config value

Definition at line 139 of file Config.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def readConfig
def writeConfig

Public Attributes


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